Walt Pavlo, Jr

Walt Pavlo, Jr.
Boston, MA

Walt’s Presentation:

Stolen Without a Gun


Confessions from inside history’s biggest accounting fraud

The collapse of MCI-WorldCom

Walt Pavlo, Jr. is the founder and creator of Prisonology.com, a consulting, training and expert testimony firm for lawyers and defendants on the post-conviction process of the federal justice system. In addition, Pavlo is a nationally recognized speaker who is represented by 500 Pearl Street speakers’ bureau. He is a contributor to Forbes.com and New York University Law’s Program on Corporate Compliance and Enforcement where he writes on white-collar crime issues. His writing earned him appearances on American Greed and CNBC documentaries (White Collar Convicts : Life On The Inside and (Dis)Honesty). Pavlo co-authored a popular book, Stolen Without A Gun (co-authored with Neil Weinberg, Bloomberg).

Pavlo is recognized as one of the leading speakers on white-collar crime and federal criminal cases. He has made appearances for the FBI, U.S. Attorneys’ Office, Big-4 Accounting Firms, Top-Ranked MBA Schools, Law Schools and major corporations across the country.

Pavlo earned his B.S. in Industrial Engineering from West Virginia University and his MBA in Finance from Mercer University. He is also a Journalist Law School Fellow at Loyola Law School (2014).