Allan Bachman, CFE

Allan Bachman, CFE
Education Manager
Association of Certified Fraud Examiners
Austin, TX

Allan’s Presentation Will Be Entitled:

Ethics & the Mindset of the Fraudster

Allan Bachman, CFE, is presently Education Manager for the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners in Austin, Texas. In his role, he is responsible for seminar development and the educational content of all conferences and online learning. Allan’s fraud investigation experience extends back to his first job out of college in the early 70’s. He has an MBA in information systems technology specializing in computer and data security. Allan has been a CFE since 1993.

Allan worked in higher education as director of an audit unit and was project manager on several IT implementations specializing in security. His largest fraud investigation of more than $1.5 million was conducted during this time. Previously Allan has worked in or has consulted for retail, real estate, manufacturing and has done extensive small business consulting where he has actively worked a number of fraud cases.

Allan has taught college courses in accounting/auditing and information systems security. He now regularly conducts training sessions and speaks for national organizations at their annual and regional events on a variety of anti-fraud and fraud related topics, including Investigating on the Internet using Social Media, how and why Ponzi schemes continue to flourish, the ACFE’s biannual Report to the Nations, and Ethics and the Mindset of the Fraudster.